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7 Elegant Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles

Side Braid and Curly Updo

Medium-length bridal hairstyles feature braids. One for medium hair sits down the side and tucks beneath a curly bun.

The side of the face has a wonderful spiral of bangs, and the crown has volume.

Bob with Crown

Weddings don't require elaborate hairstyles for medium hair. A smooth, straight medium bob is adequate.

Casual Bun and Ringlets

All hair lengths have complicated updos. Its many pinned spirals and unbound ringlets rest low on the head and neck.

One ringlet-curled strand falls by the face to beautify.

Updo with Flower Crown

Spring wedding? Medium-haired people should try this hairstyle. The hair is textured and has a large crown of daisies in front.

Half Up Half Down with Crown

The sides are pinned back, while the lengths form shoulder-length curls. A diamond crown and straight, smooth bangs cover half the forehead.

Simple Decorated Bun

Another exquisite bun. Medium-length bridal hairstyles are simple. The bun has three tucked-in parts.

Curly Updo with Bangs

In this style, short bangs with little gaps between hair portions seem royal. Bangs are crowned.

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