7 Controversial Secrets Of Milk Brands

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1. The industry is chaotic

U.S. dairy farms shrink with milk's popularity. In 2020, there were 2,550 fewer allowed dairy farms than in 2019 and 31,657 less than in 2003. (a 55 percent fall).

2. Increased dairy prices

Since milk costs have risen, don't expect deals. Wholesale milk expenses are up 38%, while retail whole milk prices are up 15%.

3. Farmers spill milk they can't sell

Dairy farmers had to discharge extra milk during the epidemic since many companies couldn't acquire it in quantity. 

4. Dairy marketing businesses produce milk-heavy menu items for fast food eateries

Starbucks smoothies, Pizza Hut double cheese pizzas, and Taco Bell quesadillas are milk-heavy.

5. Environmental damage from milk production

Dairy farms contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, which accelerate climate change, cause smog, and pollute the air.

6. Cows suffer from milk farming

The dairy business has been criticised for mistreating animals for years. Few dairy cows are well-treated, but most aren't.

7. Diseases associated to milk

Dairy is the primary source of saturated fat in the American diet, which causes heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's.

Some study links milk to some ailments, but experts believe it still has advantages. Consult your doctor before cutting or adding this drink to your diet.

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