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7 Close-Set Eye Makeup Tips

1. Use a primer to prime your eyes. You may use an Urban Decay priming potion or a NYX jumbo pencil in milk to get this look.

2. Apply a highlighter tone to the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear larger. You may also use the NYX jumbo pencil in milk for this purpose.

3. Apply a light-colored shimmering tint in gray or beige tones to your eyelids. This will give your eyes a raised appearance. Also, make sure your eyes are free of wrinkles.

4. Smokey eyes are essential for close-set eyes. Smokey is best. Apply a dark eye makeup like black, brown, or purple on the outer corner of your eyes to make them appear bigger.

5. Use a medium-toned eyeshadow to line the lower lash line and the outside part of the lower lid.

6. Shape your eyes. This will make your eyes appear larger.

7. Apply black eyeliner to your upper and lower lash lines; this will make a significant impact in the appearance of your eyes.

8. Mascara should be applied to both your top and bottom lashes. You might use Maybelline mascara to lengthen your lashes and give your eyes a dramatic look.

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