7 Burger King Secrets You Must Know

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1. You can't get fries and onion rings

"Frings" are half fries and half onion rings. Or, just ask for half and half in any size.

2. You can get a four-burger

Burger King's Suicide Burger is an over-the-top hidden menu item. The Quad Stacker has four beef patties, four pieces of cheese, bacon, and special sauce.

3. Bring back a fave

Rodeo Burger fans, celebrate! This menu-less classic is straightforward to order. Rodeo-ready cheeseburgers include onion rings and BBQ sauce.

4. Customize not just sandwiches and sides

Customize milkshakes, frappes, and smoothies. Just ask whoever's working to blend your flavours." Strawberry Oreo? OK! Flavors are limitless.

5. A card grants free Burger King for life

Free meals for life with the BK Crown Card. Only 12 individuals have the infinite Crown Card, which isn't a gift card.

They're selected "friends" of the fast-food company. Jennifer Hudson, Jay Leno, and George Lucas are cardholders. Hudson's first job was working the drive-thru.

6. Ideal cookie ordering time

Chocolate chip cookies are baked between opening and 11 a.m. If you're a morning sweets lover, get the freshest batch.

7. Don't toss that receipt

Always check the receipt and finish the survey online. Free Whopper or Original Chicken. Free meal!

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