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7 Bravest, Most Fearless Zodiac Signs


Aries is fearless in the way they deliberately put themselves outside of their comfort zones and continually do things that challenge them.


Leos are brave. It's a big part of who they are, so being fearless is one of their strongest character traits.


The Sagittarian trick to being fearless is simply choosing to be happy.


Libras don't deny that they have fear in their life, they recognize that it's there and they work to eliminate it. 


One of the Gemini traits that helps them be fearless is not caring what other people think of them. 


Aquarius tends to let go of the past and not let actions that happened years ago influence their behavior now. 


Scorpios know that nothing worthwhile comes without risk, so instead of running from fear, they confront it head-on.

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