7 Biggest Restaurant Scandals in America

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7. Fat-Shaming from Sweetgreen CEO

In 2021, the CEO of everyone's favourite salad lunch eatery posted fat-shaming comments on LinkedIn. "What if we made sickening food illegal?" he wrote.

6. The Infamous McDonald's Hot Coffee Incident

Here's a late-night scandal from the '90s. 79-year-old woman sued McDonald's for $20,000 after spilling coffee.

McDonald's kept its coffee between 180°F and 190°F to discourage refills and had received hundreds of complaints before this case. McDonald's lost, paid $600,000, and lowered the temperature.

5. Shake Shack's Bun Scandal

Shake Shack buys Martin's buns. Despite promoting LGBTQ+ rights and racial equality, the restaurant still works with Martin's.

4. Papa John's Founder Resigning as CEO

Papa John's founder was controversial, and it lost him his firm in 2018. Schnatter said in 2017 that the NFL hadn't done enough to halt national anthem protests.

He was thrown out as CEO in January 2018, but remained chairman of the board until May 2018, when he used the "n" word.

3. Jared From Subway's Shocking Arrest

Jared Fogle was Subway's ambassador for 15 years, releasing before-and-after photos and stating he lost 200 pounds by eating their sandwiches.

2. Denny's Charged with Racism Against Secret Service

Six Black Secret Service operatives allegedly weren't offered breakfast at Denny's in 1993, while their white counterparts were.

1. Chipotle Norovirus Scandal

In the 2000s, the burrito restaurant experienced food safety difficulties, but the 2015 norovirus epidemic in Boston terrified patrons.

Prosecutors claimed the epidemic was likely caused by a sick employee who was forced to work despite vomiting in the eatery.

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