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7 Best Y2K Hairstyles Pull Off,2023

High Ponytail

The high pony is a very iconic look of the early 2000s that is still very popular today in Y2K fashion. Huge celebrities like Ariana Grande and JLO rock this hairstyle often. 

Deep Side Parting

I sometimes add Y2K flair with a deep side portion. In 2008, separating your hair dramatically to the side was chic.

Crimped Hair

I love my bed head crimper and it’s one of the easiest tools to use. All you do is use the crimper tool the same way you would a stamp

Bright Pins

Throw some butterfly hair clips or colorful bobby pins in the mix and you’ll instantly teleport back to the early 2000s. 

High Pigtails

Alongside the high ponytail, space buns have also taken over the internet. They’re highly popular among music festival-goers because they’re a great way to put your hair

Zig Zag Part

The easiest way to make a clean part is by using a rat tail comb but if you have long nails, that’s a very old-school way to part your hair too. 

Baby Braids

Another Y2K trend I find myself incorporating into my hairstyles most often is beaded braids. Simply because it is so easy to do and I am able to wear my hair

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