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7 Best Hair Colors to Make You Look Younger

Caramelized Accents

If you're a brunette searching for a change but don't want to go all the way, this is a fantastic alternative for you. Peter Oon, co-owner of the NYC salon Oon

Golden Melon

If your lighter hair is starting to seem ashy, try a new fruity shade, such strawberry blonde or golden melon.

Brown-eyed Sombré

In order to seem as young as possible, adding brightness and contrast to the hair is essential, says celebrity colorist Matt Rez (the man behind every fashionable

Pink Champagne

Pastels aren't just for the little ones; adults may enjoy them, too. Estelle Baumhauer, director of color at eSalon, notes that "pastel shades have had a huge

Rough-Cut Blonde

Cara Delevingne has the finest eyebrows, but she also looks great with every haircut or hair color. Get the look by using a foundation that is a shade

Golden Bayalage

Halle Berry's face is beautifully highlighted by her golden balayage. Jennifer Korab, a famous hairstylist, states, "Golden balayage creates a shade

Solid Copper

Because Ayesha has fiery red hair. "A rich red, such as auburn or copper, will enhance brunettes and redheads," says Korab. By reflecting light 

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