7 Best Fast-Food Black Iced Coffees


Chik-fil-iced A's coffee comes with milk and sugar to conceal its horrible flavour. The iced coffee tastes like old coffee grounds, making you pucker and shake your head.

7. Chik-fil-A

Burger King's iced coffee is made with cream and vanilla syrup, making it taste like a coffee milkshake.

6. Burger King

McDonald's was average among chains, though. If you want a basic cup, request your McDonald's iced coffee without cream and sugar. Without it, iced coffee tastes bland.

5. McDonald's

The flavour is good and approachable for all coffee consumers, albeit weaker than other chains. Because of this, it's in the middle.

4. Wendy's

Dunkin' makes the best coffee. Their black iced coffee is stronger than others tested, almost tasting like cold brew. Dark, powerful, and bitter coffee.

3. Dunkin'

As they brewed coffee over ice, I was doubtful. The first sip tasted like a fancy iced Americano from a coffee shop near my place.

2. Taco Bell

Starbucks lives up to expectations. Despite several surprises and upsets in this coffee taste test, Starbucks remains the best.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks black iced coffee comes with an extra dose of sugar, so request it unsweetened for complete black coffee flavour.

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