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6 French Girl Makeup Tips

6. Highlight Skincare in Your Beauty Routine

French ladies value healthy, beautiful skin. Instead of pretending, cosmetics helps people look their best.

Estheticians and strict homecare are essential. French females were raised to regularly use face masks and cleanse their complexion before night.

5. Moderate Makeup

French ladies use cosmetics discreetly. Their makeup should highlight rather than conceal. Everything's moderated. Parisian women seldom wear foundation

4. Highlight Your Makeup

Makeup casualness is fashionable. Blend a pencil smoky eye with your finger. Make it more worn-in. Over-sculpting and over-shading ruin a French style.

Highlights and bronzers collect ambient light and emphasize your features. Natural and healthy is the goal.

3. Accept Messy Makeup

Highlighting her best feature rather than overdressing. Add color to your lips or smokiness to your eyes.

Choose a gel-liner pencil for smoky eyes—it's simple to smudge and won't move. French women wear red lips with jeans and T-shirts and cocktail dresses. It's usually worn without makeup.

2. Find Natural Flush Blush

French women love blush to highlight their healthy skin. Cream blushes look natural and apply easily. A hint of rose or pink on the apple of the cheek brightens the face.

1. Protect Your Eyelashes

They always curl their eyelashes. French ladies always condition their lashes.

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