6 Easy Tips For Using A Keratin Treatment At Home

Let's be honest: DIY keratin treatments can't match to salon ones. Depending on the product, your results won't stay as long as a professional stylist's.

#1 Maintain Realistic Expectations

Home treatments last 7 days since they have less active ingredients than salon treatments.

Like hair-dyeing, employing a chemical hair treatment at home should be done in a well-ventilated environment since it can smell pungent. Open a window for fresh air.

#2 The Importance of Ventilation

If you have or suspect a scalp issue or condition, visit your GP or dermatologist first, even if you believe it's only dry.

#3 Ensure the Health of Your Scalp

Use a hairdryer or straighteners to initiate a home keratin treatment. Use your hairdryer's attachments to segment and blow-dry your hair properly.

#4 Use Quality Heated Styling Tools

Tourmaline and ceramic hair straighteners are excellent for minimizing heat damage. Having trouble choosing straighteners?

Think twice about using the same shampoo and conditioner after your home keratin treatment.

#5 Hair Care Is Critical

Keratin-specific hair care products will help you maintain your treatment. How to determine suitability? Keratin-infused or sulphate-free products may work for you.

Even salon-applied keratin treatments aren't permanent. As noted, a home treatment may last up to a week, so you must use it often to maintain good results.

#6 Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever

Now that you know home keratin treatments are straightforward and affordable, are you inclined to try them?

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