6 Easy Steps To Color Eyebrows For White Hair

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Step 1

Begin by carefully cleaning your brows. There is no need to cleanse your face. 

Instead, use a plain cotton pad and lukewarm water. When you're finished, gently massage the brows and surrounding skin dry.

Step 2

Apply petroleum jelly liberally to the skin around both of your brows (Vaseline is an excellent choice).

This is necessary to avoid coloring your skin throughout the process. However, make careful not to use it on your brows. They wouldn't be able to keep the color otherwise.

Step 3

Before beginning the application, put on a pair of disposable plastic gloves. It will keep your hands from becoming discolored.

Step 4

Examine the manufacturer's instructions included with the coloring kit. It usually has two distinct solutions: 'color' and 'developer'. To activate the color, they must be well combined.

Step 5

Apply it to your brows (emphasis on the white hairs, of course) with a disposable mascara wand.

For the greatest effects, lift the hairs with a toothpick and move the tips of the mascara wand along their roots.

Step 6

Wait for a few minutes (as instructed) for the color to properly adhere to the brow hairs. After that, rinse it off with lukewarm water and a light face cleanser.

The best part of dyeing white hair in brows at home is that it just takes approximately 10 minutes.

Additionally, you can save money. Furthermore, you will have a fantastic natural look that will stay for a long time.

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