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5 Ways To Style A Classic White Shirt Over 50

With slacks and a blazer

A blazer and slacks elevate your favorite white T-shirt. Loafers and light jewelry. This keeps it classic.

Swap the blazer for a cardigan or denim jacket and the loafers for stylish sneakers to make it more casual. Replace slacks with jeans.

With A FUNKY ACCESSORY and jeans

In your 50s, you can jazz up jeans and a T-shirt. Replace the tee with a button-down. Anzaldua proposes belts, kitten heels, and round fedoras.

With a midi leather skirt

The leather boots and scarf give an air of maturity to the overall look. It is appropriate for business yet not intimidating for a date.

Dress up your T-shirt for the winter by layering it with a chunky sweater and a hefty coat.

Underneath a strappy dress

It's trendy and functional, adding youth to their clothing. The combination works well with dresses that contrast with the shirt, such as vivid prints or jewel tones.

With a knot at the waist

Tie a button down around your belly button to modify the shape of your white shirt.

This youthful style highlights the waistline in a stylish approach. It gives the appearance of a cropped shirt without revealing your stomach.

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