5 Unappetizing Truths About Burger Chains

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5. They've found WHAT in the soda?

Burger places are famed for their fountain soda machines, but drinking water instead. In 48 percent of U.S. fast-food drinks tested, coliform bacteria was found.

We obtained soda fountain beverages from a variety of fast food establishments and found levels of bacteria, including coliforms.

4. "Soft serve" isn't ice cream

Ever notice how Dairy Queen and McDonald's name their ice cream "soft serve"? Legally, they can't sell ice cream.

Soft servings lack the 10 percent milkfat (butterfat) required by the FDA for "ice cream."

3. Don't assume fries are vegetarian

A burger restaurant may be an unexpected supper choice if you're cutting back on meat. There are non-meat choices like fries, right? No.

McDonald's mislabeled fries and hash browns as vegetarian in India in 2002. The potatoes were fried in "beef essence" vegetable oil.

2. Further fecal finds

Unfortunately, the soda machine isn't the only source of possible fecal contamination at burger joints.

Touchscreens at burger franchises allow you to order your meals with a few taps, but always wash your hands after using one.

1. Burger businesses employ antibiotic-treated beef

Antibiotic-resistant microorganisms are a health risk. The CDC labels it the "most pressing public health concern"

Agriculture and meat sectors have used antibiotics to keep cattle healthy and plump for decades.

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