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5 Tips For Perfect Manicure After 60

Don't be afraid of color

A wall of colors is available at the nail salon or pharmacy for DIY manicures. If you didn't know what you wanted, this might be daunting.

Older people may prefer neutrals over brighter colors. Mature hands look best with bright polish.

I painted my mother's nails and was always astonished when she chose vivid bubblegum pink. She was right.

Avoid certain hues

If you favor neutrals or conventional styles, you can pick for unusual hues. A glossy red or French manicure are polished and confident, so you "can't go wrong" with them.

Classic shapes are must

Stiletto nails and ballerina nails, which mimic pointe shoes, are trendy nail shapes. A classic shape after 60 before filing or telling your nail tech what you want.

Consider trying a gel mani

Traditionalists may stick to nail polish. Gel manicures may be worth trying. Gel for older hands. Application and removal are simple.

Gel manicures don't require drying time before leaving the salon. After curing the top coat, a UV light hardens the gel paint, making your nails ready to travel.

care your nails

As you age, your nails might lose their shine, so you should maintain them. Nails can stiffen and break with age.

Ridge fillers and strengtheners can help. Nail strengtheners strengthen nails. Over-the-counter and homemade remedies are available.

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