5 Things You Don't Know About Outback Steakhouse

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1. Prices have gone up

Outback Steakhouse's pricing have risen. Bloomin' Brands, Outback Steakhouse's parent business, raised prices 3% in 2021.

Early in 2022, they raised the price by 5% and plan to keep it there through the rest of the year.

2. It doesn't serve authentic Australian food

Outback Steakhouse's menu includes "Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp" and "Aussie Fries," but it doesn't imply it provides true Australian food.

3. Some of its menu items are frozen

Outback doesn't usually freeze its meat, unlike many franchise restaurants. Some of Outback's menu products, notably its steaks, are frozen.

Fries, fish, lamb, desserts, and several dressings and sauces are frozen.

4. Some of its food is very unhealthy

This popular appetiser is wonderful, but not nutritious. This Outback Steakhouse appetiser is fried, salty, and fattening. 

One order includes 1,950 calories, 155 grammes of fat (140 percent of the daily recommended limit), and 3,840 milligrammes of salt.

5. Its famous honey bread isn't that special

Would you still order Outback's house bread if you could prepare it at home?

Corporate may not want you to know that you can make Outback bread at home with a few simple ingredients. Bake a batch and freeze it for later. No more Outback for bread!

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