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5 Steps To The Attractive Hairstyle Men Love Most

1. Deep Conditioner

This wild beach style requires maximum wave and minimal frizz. Healthy, hydrated hair starts this.

Deep-condition sun- and chlorine-damaged hair: Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatment is a terrific $5 choice.

If your hair requires special care, visit your hair salon for a wash-and-dry and a deep conditioning treatment.

2. Thickening Mousse

Bounce, waves, and sensual volume define this style. After showering, apply thickening mousse for volume.

Got 2b's Fat-Tastic Plumping Mousse is our go-to for wet hair.

3. Surf Spray

Luckily, hair companies know we want beachy waves without saltwater. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray over wet, towel-dried hair creates surf-chic waves.

4. Heat

Hot air seals the thickening mousse and surf spray on your hair. Blow-dry upside down without a brush. While drying, twist hair gently to avoid frizz.

5. Shine Spray

You're beach-wave ready! Mirrors scary? Shine makes beach waves seem seductive and sun-kissed, not sun-fried.

Serums might flatten your hard-earned appearance. Lighter spray adds shine without grease.

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