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5 Most Stylish Ways to Keep Your Gray Hair Long

learn how to make braids

Braids—regular, french, fishtail, or other contemporary styles—are fantastic for keeping gray hair long.

Many online lessons let you practice on yourself or others. When gray hair is interwoven with various hues, braids look great.

buy stylish hair accessories

Headbands, clips, and other amusing hair accessories are always welcome. They're basic and adaptable.

Claw clips are popular because they are less harmful to hair and can be used in numerous ways to keep hair out of your face.

say your stylist to make long layers

Layers help gray hair seem youthful. Layers make hair appear longer, thinner, and softer. Back layers should be longer than face layers.

Use a light mousse or style cream for volume and body, then curl or flat iron to create movement throughout the hair.

Try a half-up, half-down style

Wearing your hair up too tightly will damage it. It'll be brushed away from the face to avoid breaking. 

It's sleek and just requires a hair tie, bobby pins, and hairspray to last all day.

Get a fresh blowout

Why not treat yourself to a salon blowout? Your stylist will take better care of your hair. Professional blowouts are essential for edgy or classic styles.

Salon blowouts stay longer, so you won't have to style your hair for days. Your hair will be lustrous and ready for a big event.

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