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5 Makeup Mistakes That'll Make You Look You're Over 60

5. Blush

As your skin tone changes, blush may help. Some believe blusher is essential on older faces to restore a healthy glow and light up the face.

If you position it too high on the cheekbones, it will highlight your undereyes and jowls.

4. Concealer

Apply concealer over foundation or tinted moisturizer instead of first. Concealers are now lighter and thinner.

They're applied after foundation since you don't want to disturb them.

3. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is fine. Black is wrong. Eyeliner is essential for aging eyes. It shouldn't appear harsh.

Choose charcoal gray or blue over black. Muted brown or olive may suit fair skin. Navy or deep purple suit darker skin tones.


As we age, our eyebrows thin and sparse, which affects our appearance. Brows balance and define the face. Use a new eyebrow pencil instead of the same one. 

Matching brows to hair color may seem heavy. If your hair has gone between brown to gray or blonde, light taupe brows might look beautiful.

1. Foundation

Foundation often fades within two hours on older, thirstier skin. Crepey eyelids can crease eye shadows, and lipstick can feather into mouth lines.

Primer helps makeup remain place, solving all these issues. Your shade should complement your neck, not your face. Try bronzer instead of foundation if you feel washed out.

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