5 Fascia Tissue Hacks To Look Younger

Dietary collagen strengthens fascia tissue. Because fascia is formed of bundles of collagen fibers, collagen is essential for its health and resilience.

#1 Vitamin C and zinc-rich meals promote fascia

May assist with toning and strengthen the deeper facial muscles, which can also help to sculpt the fascia.

#2 Fascia-sculpting "facial yoga"

Pressure on face skin "promotes the proliferation of stem cells released from stem cell reservoirs," creating collagen and regenerating skin.

#3 Facial pressure

Dry brushing, body gua sha, and other lymphatic system-optimizing methods discharge cellular waste. Pulling everything up by working on your hairline connective tissue.

#4 Massage your body

1. Cleanse and remove makeup. Oil your face. Massage your temples and jawline with your fingertips, starting in the centre of your face.

#5 Fascia face massage: 4 steps

2. Rub your forehead from the middle to your hairline. Massage your eyes by gently stroking your fingers from your inner nose to your outside corners.

3. Gently massage your cheeks with upward strokes and squeeze cheeks to stimulate blood flow. Massage jaw tightness with your fingertips and knuckles.

4. Use a warm cloth to open pores and relax.

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