5 Best Tips To Start A Keto Diet


Successfully following a ketogenic diet demands understanding how your body breaks down carbs and fats for fuel and how that changes without carbs.

1. Learn Keto

Start cautiously by lowering carbs for a week and observing your body's indications before reducing further.

People vary, but daily reductions of 40-50g are acceptable for many as they ratchet downward another 50g and hold for another week.

A ketogenic diet is difficult without the correct meals. To avoid carbohydrates, you'll need protein and heart-healthy fats.

2. Buy Keto-friendly foods

If you want to jump in without making gradual adjustments, and you adore bread, pasta, rice, and other high-carb meals, remove them before you start your new diet.

3. Cut carbs

People's capacity to attain and sustain ketosis varies, but a ketogenic diet usually limits carbohydrate consumption to 5% of calories.

Some people who start the ketogenic diet immediately report suffering the "keto flu." Switching diets might produce nausea, tiredness, headaches, and cramps.

4. Expect "Keto Flu"

These symptoms are caused by a shortage of carbs. It lasts weeks. Drink plenty of water to avoid "keto flu" If you're unsure about your symptoms, call your doctor.

Not everyone in your home may be enthused about the keto diet. Will you cook and dine alone?

5. Family planning

Will your family's love of carb-heavy dishes tempt you? These things may make or break your keto diet, so evaluate them first.

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