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5 Best Colors To Wear If You Have Blue Eyes

Jewel Tones

Blue-eyed people may wear jewel tones without going overboard. Nina Vargas, a fashion stylist and business strategist,

suggests rich colors like emerald, sapphire, or ruby. They contrast well and highlight the blue eyes. Add a wealthy, refined look to your clothing by adding these hues.


Blue is always a good choice. The hue complements blue eyes. Aquamarine and periwinkle also highlight blue eyes. Wear any blue with confidence, and you'll draw notice.


Orange is the ideal complimentary hue for baby blues because it's opposite blue on the color wheel.

A orange sundress, amber turtleneck, or marigold trench coat can brighten your blue eyes and express optimism. Orange is bold and startling if you're not used to it.

Warm Neutrals

Camel, beige, and cream can highlight blue eyes' other hues. Check the eye specks for information.

These lighter tones can highlight other colors while emphasizing blue. These warm, appealing hues contrast well. They're timeless.


Blue eyes complement muted colours. They're ideal for warm weather and sunshine. Blue eyes seem ethereal in lavenders, baby blues, or soft pinks.

These delicate, chilly hues are great for gentle, feminine looks. The appropriate hues may highlight your blue eyes and create a fashionable and attractive look.

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