4 Worst Snacks for Blood Sugar Spikes


Candy lacks protein, fibre, and healthy fats. It's readily digested and absorbed, boosting blood sugar and appetite.

4. Candy

Choose slower-digesting foods to stay full. Afterward, if you still want sweets, have one or two pieces. You'll feel invigorated and steady without a blood sugar spike.

Chips are a convenient vending machine snack. Convenient choices might lead to elevated blood sugar later. Low in protein and fibre, chips spike blood sugar.

3. Chips

Quest Protein Chips, Wilde Chicken Chips, and Beanitos are strong in protein or fibre for blood sugar management.

Donuts, cinnamon buns, and croissants include refined flour, sugar, and fat and oil.

2. Pastries

In moderation, these foods can be part of your diet, although you may wish to avoid sweets every day.

Instead, munch on carbs and proteins. The glucose supply will provide you fast energy, while the protein will balance your blood sugar.

Sugar-sweetened drinks are heavy in sugar and lacking in nutrition. Soda, juice, energy drinks, and sweetened coffee.

1. Soda

A big blood sugar fluctuation between meals causes hunger and fatigue. For your blood sugar, choose foods with more protein, fibre, and healthy fat.

Soda addict? If you're trying to quit soda, switch to diet. Moderate consumption of diet Coke doesn't induce blood sugar increases.

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