4 Worst Breakfast Habits for Blood Sugar

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4. Not eating enough fiber

Fiber helps digestion, cholesterol, satiety, and glucose absorption. White bread with jam is a low-fiber, carb-dense breakfast that quickly enters the system.

 This fast rush of carbs can cause a blood sugar rise and drop after a meal, affecting energy and appetite.

3. Skipping breakfast

While perspectives on breakfast's importance vary, missing it has physiological consequences.

Type 1 diabetics who skip breakfast have higher blood sugar and poor glycemic control. Poor diabetes glucose management increases the risk of heart disease, nerve, and kidney damage.

2. Not eating enough protein

Balanced meals include carbs, protein, fibre, fat, and veggies. Without these components, you'll restrict your vitamin and mineral intake and risk a blood sugar surge.

Many people eat granola bars, one piece of fruit, or sweetened coffee drinks for morning. All may be part of a healthy breakfast, but they're best with protein.

1. Not eating enough healthy fats

Fat delays carbohydrate digestion like protein, reducing blood sugar increases. It's satiating, so you'll feel full longer after eating.

Well-balanced meals that include fat may help regulate blood sugar by reducing snacking and meal sizes.

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