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4 Womens' Hairstyles That Are Easy to Maintain

1. Bob hairstyle

First up is the standard bob. For low-maintenance hair, this classic style may be done in many ways.

Simply wash and blow-dry a bob. You may then curl or straighten your hair.

Regular cuts every six to eight weeks prevent split ends and keep bobs healthy. Use heat protectant before using hot styling equipment.

2. Pixie cut

Pixie cuts are another easy-care style we like. For a sleek, easy-to-maintain appearance, try this trend. Wash and blow dry a pixie cut.

You may add texture with a flat iron or curling iron or leave it natural. To maintain pixie cuts, trim them every four to six weeks. Pixie cuts are the simplest to maintain.

3. The lob

For individuals who prefer a longer hairstyle without the care, the lob, or "long bob," is popular. Wash and blow-dry a lob.

Use a flat iron or curling iron to add waves or keep it straight for a sleeker effect. To avoid split ends and keep lob hairstyles healthy, trim every eight weeks.

4. Wolf hairstyle

The wolf haircut is our last easy-care hairdo. This cut is ideal for low-maintenance, simple styling. Wash and blow-dry your hair for a wolf hairdo.

You may add texture with a flat iron or curling iron, or leave it natural. Wolf hairstyles require trims every six to eight weeks to look its finest. Wolf hair is another low-maintenance cut.

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