4 Surprising Side Effects of Eating Sriracha

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4. lose weight

One of the main ingredients in sriracha sauce is chili peppers, which contain capsaicin.

Capsaicin not only gives the sauce its fiery taste but can also act as a thermogenic chemical, producing heat that may potentially stimulate your metabolism and help burn fat.

In a tiny study, persons who ate capsaicin with each meal were less prone to overeat and had greater satiety and fullness levels.

3. allergic reaction

Some sriracha products utilise sodium bisulfite as a preservative, which can cause wheezing, hives, and stomach distress.

Sulfite allergies are frequent in asthmatics. If you have asthma, your risk of a sulfite allergy is 1 in 40 to 1 in 100. 

2. make you poop

Spicy meals don't bother everyone. Sriracha's capsaicin might irritate your intestines and loosen stools.

You may have 'spicy' faeces. Capsaicin can burn when it departs the body through the anus, which has more pain receptors.

1. give you heartburn

Capsaicin in red chilli peppers causes food to remain in the stomach longer, producing acid reflux and irritating the oesophagus. This aggravates heartburn.

Garlic with sriracha might aggravate heartburn if capsaicin isn't enough. The esophageal sphincter connects your stomach and oesophagus.

This flap should stay closed to avoid esophageal acid. Garlic can weaken its sphincter, causing heartburn.

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