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4 Steps To Regain Confidence

1. Determine the Root Cause

Knowing why you're losing confidence might help you regain and strengthen it.

So, pay attention to your surroundings, ideas, actions, and relationships to recognize unfavorable effects.

2. Remember Your Identity

This sounds simple or dangerous. But all my clients have found it empowering. Simple self-assessment.

Take a piece of paper. List your years of life. Start at any age and focus on individual or group years in five- or ten-year intervals.

The method doesn't matter. You simply need to be honest with yourself.

3. Pose a Question

Madonna supporters may have simply said "Vogue," which is part of my point. I recommend reading Madonna's 1990 hit's lyrics.

That song's about dancing when you don't feel good. The lyrics encourage anyone lacking confidence by showing how icons with attitude just did their thing—and you can, too.

4. Simply say "No"

Losing confidence equals losing power. No is one of the fastest methods to reclaim your power. This requires practice. Guess what?

Check Step 1 again. Each incident required time and effort to destroy your self-confidence. Now, determine which ones are hurting your self-esteem and start restoring it.

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