4 Seafood Companies With the Worst Food Quality Practices

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From horrifying labor practices to sourcing  species , the seafood industry, like many, often prioritizes profits over ethics and quality. Sustainable practices don't always fit into this agenda, nor does protecting at-risk habitats.

According to FishWatch, about 70% to 85% of seafood consumed  within the  U.S. is imported from China, India, and Indonesia. Seafood production  may be a  global industry,  and thus  standardized practices can be difficult to maintain and enforce from country to country.

Companies engaged  parturient  abuses often engage in destructive or illegal fishing and have little regard for fishery management regulations," states Greenpeace on its website

Primarily a canned tuna company, Bumble Bee has made some sustainability efforts over the past few years. Notably, the brand developed sustainable packaging for its products.

Bumble Bee

You may want to think twice the next time you choose to consume eel.  the most important  wholesale distributor of eel meat in the U.S. with headquarters in Northern New Jersey, American Eel Depot, was recently exposed for smuggling  species  of eel.

American Eel Depot

A major seafood company in the U.S., Trident Seafoods  isn't  the most environmentally friendly producer when it comes to fishing practices.  consistent with  Seafood Source, Trident Seafoods was charged multiple times for wastewater violations

Trident Seafoods

Owner of  Tampa Bay  Fisheries, Aqua Star, and Singleton Seafood, Red Chamber Group is  one among  the largest U.S. seafood companies. Unfortunately, the company's sustainability and labor policies are lacking.

Red Chamber Group

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