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4 Regional Chains Need To Go National


Everyone loves stopping at Wawa when visiting Pennsylvania or Delaware beaches. Everyone who lives there is spoilt by Wawa.

As a child, I'd go to Hershey Park with pals every summer, and we'd always stop at Wawa. Icee? Sandwich? Candy? Except Wawa doesn't sell oysters. I still love it.

Quickway Japanese Hibachi

This D.C. native is niche and new. Quickway is the greatest fast food I've tasted.

The business provides high-quality Japanese hibachi food, but you design your own bento box Chipotle-style. There's also sushi, dumplings, and spring rolls.

Aroma Joe's

Aroma Joe's made college possible. Aroma Joe's cured an epidemic. The 2000-founded New Hampshire coffee franchise has 70 outlets in New England, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

It pours hot coffee into the cup with sugar, which dissolves and assimilates the sugar throughout the drink.

Raising Cane's

When I return to DC, I'm surprised they haven't found a home here. Charlottesville, Virginia, is nearest. False. Chicken fingers!

Before Cane's, I didn't think chicken tenders could be improved. Your fussy buddy orders it in a posh restaurant to disgrace you. It's delicious, but not remarkable.

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