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27 More Burger King Restaurants Will Close

Burger King's commercial problems continue. In March, Burger King franchisee Meridian Restaurants Unlimited filed for bankruptcy, putting a cloud over its 120 outlets.

Restaurant Business Magazine said that Meridian has filed court documents to close 27 Burger King outlets in Minnesota, Utah, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

Though it won't close "all or even a substantial portion" of its eateries, the corporation hasn't ruled out shutting more.

Meridian filed bankruptcy this month, citing years of declining foot traffic and earnings. Even when food and other commodity prices rose

On top of that, certain Meridian outlets had underperformed from the outset and continued to lose money. The franchisee argued this prevented timely financial responsibilities.

Meridian and its financial consultants are negotiating rent discounts and operational improvements with landlords,

Restaurant Business Magazine stated. The 27 restaurant closures may solve the franchisee's financial issues, but time will tell.

Meridian filed into bankruptcy in January 2023, after Toms King Holdings' Chapter 11. Toms King, like Meridian, reported decreased foot traffic and income and rising 

EYM King, another franchisee, will permanently down 26 Michigan locations by mid-April after Burger King accused it of failing to pay royalties, ad fund payments, and other fees. 

Burger King's $400 million "Reclaim the Flame" investment program aims to boost sales after years of underperformance. The firm reported strong same-store sales 

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