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17 Underrated Pizza Toppings

1. Banana

Yes, bananas on pizza. Swedes love banana curry pizza. Indeed! You may give it a Hawaiian-American twist. Imagine a Hawaiian pizza with a different yellow fruit.

2. Cheez Whiz

Cheez Whiz on pizza? Bellissima Pizzeria serves pizza with Cheese Whiz, chicken fingers, and mozzarella.

3. Elote

If you want to spice up your pizza toppings, add grilled Mexican street food. Chili powder, cilantro, and spicy mayo? That's impressive.

4. Eggs

We're breaking into the brunch motif by topping pizzas with fried or sunny-side up eggs. People put fried eggs on burgers because of their creamy texture, so why not pizza?

5. Kimchi

It was just a matter of time until someone added fermented foods to pizza, such kombucha and kefir. Pig Ate My Pizza's Seoul-Ful pork pizza incorporates kimchi and miso.

6. Blueberries

ow Sweet Eats adds blueberries, thyme, caramelised shallots, and lemon-scented ricotta to sweet-and-savory slices. When your sweet tooth calls, try this savoury supper option.

7. Coconut

You can use coconut on fro-yo and pizza. Costa Rican pizzas combine sweet coconut and salty prawns. Sprinkle coconut on your next slice.

8. Buffalo Tater Tots

"Are you eating those tators?" Pizza anyone? All are true. Boss Lady Pizza's white pizza tastes like buffalo chicken, tater tots, and jalapeo poppers.

9. Shepherd's Pie

Consider: Instead of mozzarella and red sauce, you'll find ground lamb, carrot, pea, and onion in this shepherd's pie.

10. Loaded Baked Potato

Homemade potato pizza satisfies carb needs. Baby gold potatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapeos, and ranch dressing top this pizza.

11. Crab Rangoon

Fong's Pizza tops pizza crust with cream cheese, surimi, green onions, crispy wonton strips, asiago and mozzarella cheeses, and sweet chilli sauce. 

12. Tacos

Tacos or pizza? It's OK to put tacos on pizza. Taco pizza gets avocado-upgraded. You may order a simple pizza and add taco toppings.

13. Chicken and Waffles

You may not have thought to add the sweet and savoury dish on pizza before. Why? It's better than reheating pizza for breakfast.

14. Chili Cheese Hot Dog

Kids and adults have probably wondered what hot dogs and pizza taste like together. Chili cheese dogs on pizza? Sure.

15. Sausage Gravy

Add sausage gravy for a hearty breakfast. Pan-style "biscuit" crust with rosemary, sage, and fennel sausage gravy. Gourmet-level!

16. Lobster Tails

 Steveston Pizza's $70 Serpent pizza has lobster tails, shrimp, prawns, and smoked salmon. Make a seafood-themed pizza at home using the restaurant's fish.

17. 24-Karat Gold Leaves

Industry Kitchen offers a $2,000 pie if you phone 48 hours ahead. Add edible gold glitter on your pizza for some shimmer and sparkle at home.

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