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12 Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence

Rebut Your Inner Critic

Finding the toughest critic is easy. To boost self-confidence, tell your inner critic "Stop!" No longer trusting you. I'll back myself and succeed.

Weekly Challenges

Take little tasks and succeed to boost your self-confidence. Your brain registers each minor triumph as proof that you're terrific, boosting your self-confidence.

Recite Self-Assuring Affirmations

Positive affirmations boost self-esteem. It helps you confront your inner critic and gain confidence daily.

Accept Social Discomfort

Negative social circumstances are almost hard to avoid in our modern environment. They're inevitable, so fearing them is like fearing breathing.

Enhance Your Appearance

Looking well boosts confidence. Improve your appearance to boost self-confidence. It boosts self-confidence for most people.

List Your Rules and Follow Them

A personal rule set can help you respond in difficult situations and boost your image. This happened to me.

Reframe Self-Doubt

That might lead to negative thoughts that pull you down. It erodes self-confidence faster the more it happens. Question and reframe negative thoughts to combat it.

Confidence Posture

Even if you don't feel confident, stand straight and walk with your head high. Studies suggest that doing so may boost your confidence.

Appreciation Replaces Jealousy

If someone is brighter, prettier, slimmer, richer, or more successful than you, you may feel insecure. You should cease or embrace this uncomfortable emotion.

Your Flaws

As you pursue your ambitions, embrace your flaws. Even better, accept and use your imperfections.

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