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12 Signs Means Relationship Is Over For Him

He’s Not Around as Much 

Men spend less time with their partners after a breakup. It's "quiet quitting" the alliance.

Forgets To Tell You Good Things

Lovers share. Consider this: When something huge or amazing happens in your life, you generally inform your romantic partner first.

He Nitpicks

Does he now dislike everything you do, say, and wear? Is he nitpicking? No good deeds? Leave if you recognize this. First, nobody needs this energy, especially a partner.

Communication Dissolves

Okay, some dudes do this, but if your spouse was formerly a bright, chatty person who now struggles to put three words together, things may not be going well.

You Feel Anxious Around Him

Healthy relationships feel good. The other person makes you happier. 

Acts Paranoid

Is your cool-as-a-cucumber boyfriend becoming paranoid? Is he usually defensive? Does he snap at innocent questions?

You No Longer Laugh Together

Of course, partnerships go through dark, difficult moments when nothing is humorous. He may leave if everything else is fine but you can't laugh.

Talks About Other People Incessantly

Talking about another person is an indication that your man is ready to move on and may like them. They talk about them nonstop.

Stops Talking About the Future 

However, if you no longer have comparable goals and cannot see the other person in your future, it may be time to end things. 


Passive-aggressive barbs can be exasperating. The uncomfortable dance of plausible deniability is exasperating.

Intimacy Slows

As hard as it is, you may want to ask if he's getting it elsewhere, which is a hint he doesn't want a commitment with you. No traditional one. 

You Catch Him Lying

Infidelity or work-related lies are possible. Significance matters. If he lies to your face, he wants out but is too cowardly to say it.

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