12 Short Natural Hairstyles For Your Hair ASAP

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Buzz Cut

Going for a super-short natural hairstyle? Buzz cut. It's gorgeous and low-maintenance. A little hair gel will smooth your hair.

Soft Curls

Soft waves let curls flourish. Use a lightweight oil to seal in moisture and enhance shine.

Curly Bob

This curly bob by Yara Shahidi is one of my favorites. Before style, apply leave-in conditioner to moisturize and smooth hair.


This short natural haircut can simulate a mohawk if you don't want to shave your sides. To keep your hair neat, apply edge-control gel to the sides.

Double Puffs

Two puffs are a timeless short natural hairdo. Use a rattail comb and gel to finish.

Head Wrap

Laying your edges: Brushing your baby hairs forward, apply gel to a toothbrush, and guide your edges toward your hairline.

Wash-and-Go Style

You save time in the morning by wearing your short locks in a wash-and-go style. Set your curls with hair gel.

Deep Side Part

Deep side parts give short natural hair volume. Before style, use a leave-in conditioner mist to hydrate hair.

Perm Rod Look

Perm rod sets are wonderful short natural hairstyles for relaxed hair transitioners. It balances relaxed ends with natural texture.

Tapered Fro

Since the sides and back are shorter than the centre, this short natural hairstyle provides you a lot of styling options. Curl stylers define and retain curls.

Most Flattering Short Hairstyles For Women Over 60

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