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11 Personal SMART Goals To Improve Your Life

Improve Job Performance

Redesigning my company's website is the first step to impressing the world. 

Increase Savings

I will save 15% of my wages and invest X to multiply $3000. This would help me reach financial freedom.

Live Within A Budget

Avoid impulsive buys by sticking to a $3000 budget. It will increase your savings, responsibility, and sustainable simplicity.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

I try to eat five servings of fruits and veggies to avoid junk food and save money. By June 30, consume five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.

Get Regular Exercise

You may go from low-impact to high-intensity workouts by working out for 20 minutes three times a week.

Express Love to your Spouse

It will provide three ways to show your lover how much you care by taking a 20-minute break on Thursday to remember the good moments.

Strengthen Family Bonds

Vacations strengthen family relationships.

Increase Outdoor Activity

I want to spend 30 minutes outside to disrupt my inside lifestyle. Outdoor activities and time would also enhance my health.

Increase Knowledge

Reading every day will relax your mind, excite your senses, expand your knowledge, and expose you to new experiences you may never have otherwise.

Build a Robust Morning Routine

A good morning routine ensures a productive and healthy day. This will assist you consciously and unconsciously.

Tap into the Power of Meditation

Daily 20-minute meditation improves happiness, mental clarity, physical health, and spirituality.

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