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11 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Modern Texture with Sparkling Barrettes

Deep side part, glossy ends, and loose texture make this stunning wedding hairdo striking. The sparkly baubles make it great for the aisle.

Volumized Pixie

Add texture and height to a pixie hairstyle for your wedding. This bride added a sparkling hair item for extra sparkle.

Soft Cropped Cut with Pearl Accessory

Another wedding-day chopped haircut style. This bride had a large pearl headpiece and was shorter.

Twisted Braid and Floral Vine

This bride's hairstylist created a lengthier updo with short hair. The flowery "vine"'s turns and positioning enhance its beauty.

Textured Pixie with Gilded Headband

If your pixie isn't long enough for the above style, add texture and twists and a golden flowery vine headpiece.

Playful Half-Updo

This bride's topknot half-updo is elegant and simple. No extras!

Vintage Veil Vibes

This bride may have come from a classic glossy magazine. The headband veil completes her light, unfussy hair.

Loose Half-Updo

Another stunning half-updo for the big day. Instead of a top knot, this bride wore a loose, double topsy ponytail.

Curled Cropped Cut with Lace Applique Accessory

Like this bride, add a lace applique to a short wedding hairstyle for a unique look. She placed it against silky, gently curled hair.

Foiled Pixie

Instead of baubles, use gold foiling wisely. This ultra-short pixie cut makes it seem trendy.

Double Side Braid

This short wedding haircut is simple but elegant. The hairstylist simply tied two braids across one side of her head, adding loose waves, and a golden floral barrette.

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