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11 Best Ways To Lose 20 Pounds Fast

10. Take a sip

Water flushes toxins, aids digestion, relieves bloating, maintains pH and homeostasis, and stimulates thermogenesis.

9. Reduce Your Calories

Dieting requires determination, dedication, and discipline. You lose weight by eating less calories. For rapid weight loss, decrease 500–600 calories from your current diet.

8. Sugar is prohibited

Avoid sugary, salty, and preservative-laden meals. Fill your pantry with healthy snacks like popcorn, fruits, and veggies.

7. Have Five Different Vegetables And Fruits

Eat five fruits and veggies daily. These are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that prevent fat absorption and satiety.

6. Fill Up On Protein

Lean proteins including fish, skinless chicken breast, lentils, tofu, mushrooms, eggs, pulses, nuts, and seeds promote satiety. Lean muscle builds metabolism.

5. Avoid White Carbohydrates

White carbohydrates—flour, sugar, pasta, white rice, crackers, and cereals—are harmful carbs. These are refined, high-calorie, and low-nutrition.

4. Consume Good Fats

PUFA-rich fats including fish oil, avocado, avocado oil, almonds, olive oil, and rice bran oil can help you lose weight quickly. PUFAs decrease inflammation.

3. Control Your Portion Size And Eat On Time

Eating irregularly, hungry, or not knowing portion sizes might cause weight gain more than food.

2. Distractions should be avoided when eating

Put aside your phone, laptop, and TV and focus on eating. It helps you lose weight quickly and permanently.

1. Continue to be Active

Quick weight loss causes loose skin and weight rebound. Toning requires frequent exercise.

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