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10 White Hair Color Ideas to Make A Trend

Curly Bob

White hair curls beautifully. It gives hair volume to avoid looking lanky and washed out! If your hair isn't naturally curly, a perm can give it plenty of little, natural, bouncy curls.

Long Waves with Dark Roots

It adds depth and makes your great appearance complete. This gorgeous style has long, dense curls.

long layered hair

Hair grows from other hair. Outside of that, the wavy style is thick and wavy.

Curls with Shadow Root

This style has curlier curls than the previous. This white hairdo is for black women who work hard on their curls.

Sleek Center Parted hair

Wanting anything sleek and simple? The front and center partings draw the hair back into a ponytail-like style.

pinned back updo

One side has loose curls, and the bangs are feathery to avoid covering the face. Silver hairbands adorn hair.

middle parted hair

Style trendy without much effort with this effortless style. Straight, thick hair is parted in the center and cut shorter to frame the face.

1980s Voluminous Look

It looks fluffy yet well-styled. The wavy hair helps it stand out and keeps it current.

Icy White Bob hair

Bright icy white curls fall to the chin, split in the middle, with a little volume on top to avoid flatness. It's cute and stylish, making feminine girls feel confidence.

Long Loose Waves

Sometimes you prefer longer, looser locks. The hair falls down in soft waves in this basic style. It has a side part and is basic but gorgeous.

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