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10 Ways To Freshen Grownup Eyes

Prepare a contingency

Dry air, a horizontal stance, and fluid retention make aging eyes look worse in the morning. Older models and celebrities still use ice cubes and cold water to wake up.

Remove red

Conjunctivitis, sties, and blepharitis are different from daily redness. Dry, red, itchy eyes might be caused by computer screen strain, lack of sleep, or allergies.

Caffeine deflates puffs

Swollen under-eyes look bad. Caffeine-loaded serums and eye lotions can minimize transient edema caused by seasonal allergies or a night of salt or alcohol.

Hydrate your eyes 24/7

The eye region is thinner and drier than the rest of your face, has no oil glands, and strains and droops every time you squint or blink at 50+.

Correctly apply concealer

Most 50-plus women have "tired eyes" permanently. Like losing hair or wrinkles, it's constant.

Replace your glasses

Why bolder spectacles spark up eyes for men and women. Unlike rimless styles, bold frames accentuate tired eyes and hide sagging lids.

Change your eyeshadow

Save the dark smoky stuff, black liner, and everything under-eye makeup save concealer and beige liner (see tip #2) until later.

Distract with bangs or lipstick

Some people avoid eye makeup, while others use beautiful dark sunglasses instead. Another group survives with moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Change your habits

Set a daily water-drinking goal to drain extra salt, combat dehydration that can cause droopy, sunken eyes, and soften dry, lined skin.

Try surgery

Age-related eye changes make us look weary. Cosmetic eye surgery by a board-certified eye surgeon is the most radical option, but worth considering.

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