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10 Updos for Short Bobbed Hair for Any Occasion

Elegant Loose Updo

Weddings and other formal events suit our first style. The hair is pulled back with several loose strands at the nape.

Retro Pin Up Curls

Vintage updos for short, bobbed hair are great. Front curls form a heart shape.

Crown Braid Layered Look

Braids make hairstyles seem more interesting and complicated. This crown braided updo wraps around the head.

Feathered Bangs

Bangs enhance hairstyles. Updos focus on them. The other side of the face has big bangs. A braid tops the drawn-up hair.

Casual Space Buns

Simple everyday looks work. Space buns may be entertaining. Space buns on the side of the head with curtain bangs frame the face.

Simple Elegant Knot

A sophisticated knot on the back of your head matures you. Easy updo for short bobbed hair.

Curly and Messy

Curls liven up every haircut. Short ponytails hold these curls.

Top Bun and Low Bun

Short bobs suit unique updos. A classic low bun makes this haircut more intriguing.

Vintage Updo

Golden blonde hair is pushed back and secured at the crown in this vintage updo. The nape has some beautiful curls. A flower enhances the hair.

Low Pinned Style

Short bobbed hair updos are distinctive. The hair is pushed back and fastened at the nape, but the updo is loose and shapeless.

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