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10 Uncommon Traits Of The Gamma Male

They Can Be Cruel to Women

Gamma males frequently resent women who do not appreciate them.

They Have Extensive Interests

Gammas are passionate about their work. Sigma males prefer what they want without apologizing.

They're Extremely Romantic

Gamma males have the most passionate personalities, yet they have difficulty attracting women. They elevate the women in their lives, who may be overwhelming at times.

They Have the Potential to Be Delusional

They consider themselves sigmas or misunderstood alphas because they are accomplished in their hobbies and interests and believe they should be "top dog." 

They avoid conflicts

Gammas, like wailing infants on aircraft, avoid conflict. Discord makes individuals feel uneasy, causing them to run or shut down.

They are risk-averse

Gammas are risk-averse and avoid conflict. Failure is not a lucky number. They are economical and dependable.

They Do Not Make Assertions

Alpha guys are bulls in china shops. Gammas may resist being forceful.

They are not usually physically fit

Many gamma men are less fit than others, yet genetics play a significant role.

They are wonderful fathers

They like spending time with their children and spouses and will go to any length to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and financially secure.

They're Astute

They may not be good at everything, but they usually excel in one area through dedication and hard effort.

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