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10 Trendy Back To School Hairstyles 2023

Curly Brown Hair

Show off your long, curly hair when you go back to school. This haircut is casual because the part is in the middle.

Preppy Pixie Cut

Who doesn't love the style of a smart British schoolgirl? With this short pixie cut and side-swept bangs, you might look classy and old.

Ariel Red Fringe

If your school doesn't have a dress code or a rule against using hair dye, you can try this Ariel-inspired red haircut.

Messy Wavy Bob

This wavy hairstyle for medium-length hair brings beach waves to school. This haircut looks good with the side part and milk chocolate highlights.

Light Blonde Hair

This classic hairstyle goes with most clothes, which will save you time when doing your hair. Just blow-dry your hair straight, and you're done.

Long Box Braids

Box braids finish off the look of intelligence. This style shows that you can look stylish even if your hair isn't in your face.

Pinned Hairdo

This pinned-up side-part haircut is hard to resist. Back-to-schoolers like how simple and girl-next-door the haircut is.

Straight Ombre Bob

This dark brown hairstyle has a lot of drama and grandeur because it has a caramel brown ombre. Sharp bangs finish off the bob.

Braided Double Buns

This braided back-to-school hairstyle with twin buns is great for people who want to stand out. The medium light brown color is shown by the intricate braiding.

Asymmetrical Pixie

Your artistic side comes out when you wear indie short style. The navy blue pixie with waves is mysterious and alluring. Colorful earrings could make the outfit more fun.

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