10 Top Makeup Tips In 10 Minutes For Women Over 50

Brushes improve makeup application and appearance.

#1 Tools Matter

Finishing powder finishes. It blends our makeup and gives it an ethereal sheen. I use Hourglasses Ambient Light Finishing Powder.

#2 Powdered Finish

Apply setting powder using a moist sponge instead of a brush. Since it moisturizes the skin, it prevents cakiness.

#3 Using Powder Differently

Fixes blush's tendency to vanish quickly. After applying blush, spritz a moist makeup sponge with setting spray and gently press it into the blush.

#4 Maintain Blush

Put some blush on the back of your hand, disperse it using a brush, then apply it with the brush to prevent applying too much.

#5 Blush Careful

We want to apply a somewhat lighter highlight or concealer than our skin tone upward on the inner and outer rims of the eye, the nose, and the top of the lower lip.

#6 Three Gravity-Defying Methods

To get your desired appearance and finish, combine your foundation with additional products. I add moisturizer into my makeup since I have really dry skin.

#7 Mix and Match

Utilizing makeup placement to make our eyes seem larger. First, use a Kleenex, paper towel, or non-sticky tape.

#8 Eyes Know!

Get a multi-tasking cosmetic product to save time.

#9 Think Multitasking

Apply a double application of lip balm before starting makeup so it can seep in. Lip balm preserves and smoothes lips, making lipstick easier to apply and look better

#10 Lips first!

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