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10 Top Beauty Blunders to Stop Making Now

Dramatic microbladed eyebrows

Brows matter, right? In two hours, microblading delivers Instagram-worthy eyebrows. However, the technician's expertise, taste, and experience govern.

improper foundation color

Since adult faces are typically multicolored from sun damage, online shade quizzes, swatches, and undertone recommendations merely confuse.

Overusing concealer

Women need concealer on a desolate island. It can eliminate under-eye shadows and exhaustion, but the improper color or application can worsen it.

Face contouring

Shading the face to achieve a more chiseled look is new to the selfie/Kim Kardashian era, but women over 50 recall the beige and brown shaping powders of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s.

Lips and eyes

Avoid the smokey eye and vivid lip that many tutorials recommend. Overdone and "painted" on ladies over 50.

Blending insufficiently

Most makeup-wearing women over 50 have a magnifying mirror. When applying eyeliner, concealing a brown spot or pimple, or plucking a random chin hair, the mirror is essential.

Too matte, dewy, or shimmery

Matte makeup and creamy makeup that looks like Crisco can be difficult for mature faces. At 50, matte and powder finishes can be your greatest and worst friend.

Dramatic winged eyeliner

Trendy? Stagey? Yes, but mature eyes with hooded lids should avoid the style. A cat-eye look demands smooth lids with no liner overhang.

Skipping makeup skin prep

Many women use foundation without moisturizer. That’s a recipe for disaster and a lined, patchy, cakey result.

Lip augmentation

Like microbladed brows and contouring, injectable lip filler has sparked lip-enhancing cosmetic tutorials. 50-plus women understand this.

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