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10 Tips for At-Home Brow and Nail Care

Nail Growth is Affected by Weather: 

Did you know that nail development fluctuates according to the season? Warmer weather causes nails to grow faster.

Your Brows Change with Age: 

Your brows may thin as you get older due to decreasing collagen synthesis. With the right treatment, this process can be slowed.

Brow Massage for Growth: 

Massage your brows on a daily basis to stimulate blood flow and hair development. For best results, use soft circular strokes with your fingertips.

Nail Polish Dates Back Centuries: 

Nail polish has been used since 3000 BCE. It was first used to demonstrate social rank by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Incas.

Eyebrow Serums for Thicker Brows: 

Eyebrow serums containing biotin and peptides can help thicken brows. They help to strengthen hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

Garlic for Stronger Nails: 

Garlic might help to strengthen and protect your nails. Natural garlic is beneficial to the nails.

Brow Shape and Face Symmetry: 

Brow shape can help to improve face symmetry. Your image may benefit from a proper brow arch and face shape.

Nail Health Indicates Overall Health: 

Your nails can indicate health problems. Anemia can be indicated by pale nails, while fungal infection can be indicated by yellow nails.

Coconut Oil for Nail Moisture: 

Coconut oil is beneficial to the nails and cuticles. Regular application prevents dryness and keeps nails looking excellent.

Brows and Emotions: 

 Brow forms can express anger, surprise, and delight. It's intriguing to see how brows alter nonverbal communication.

Nail File Direction Matters: 

Back-and-forth filing may result in split nails. One-way filing keeps nails strong and protects them from harm.

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