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10 Stylish Wedge Haircuts for Women Over 60

Edgy Wedge with Bangs

Round faces suit the edgy wedge with bangs. Hair frames your face. For maximum impact, straighten and flatten this. Avoid round-brushing.

Grey Wedge with a Side Part

Add style with a side-part grey wedge. Iron-curl or blow-dry it. It's wedge-based. Remember, grey hair hairstyles for women over 60 aren't boring!

Wedged Bob with an Undercut

Wedged bobs with undercuts give hair maximum volume. To streamline and rejuvenate your face, ask your hairdresser to trim your chin and cheeks.

Very Short Wedge

Short wedges maximize hair. Longer layers and nape graduation thicken the form. Shorter haircuts provide volume and raise facial features.

Voluminous Wedge

Voluminous wedges suit most hair types. Use a volumizing mousse and round brush for fullness and shine. Thick hair makes you rounder.

70s-Inspired Wedge

Stacked backs and medium layers may spice up your haircut. This Dorothy Hamill-inspired classic may be updated by leaving the front longer than the back.

Flattering with Glasses

Wedges flatten glasses. Push this design off the face to fit spectacles. Wedge cuts for 60-year-olds suit most face types, although narrower faces need more volume. 


A wash-and-wear haircut for 60-year-olds is shorter hair. The weight of longer layers on a short cut keeps the hair in place.

Retro-Style Wedge

Try a throwback wedge. This cut stands out with its gently graduated sides and nape. No hassle shaping for straight hair. Simply blow dry.

Youthful Pixie Wedge Haircut

Appear 10 years younger with a pixie wedge haircut. To modernize your wedge, ask your stylist to undercut it. Texturing or point cutting improves form and lifespan. 

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