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10 Stylish Cotton Candy Hair Colors For Women

1. Fairy Floss

Pink and blue cotton candy, our favorites. It looks edible. The artist created false low-lights with two opposing colors. Beautiful blue fades to pastel pink.

2. Candy Mania

We adore candy, thus we love this style. The designer skillfully painted pink, yellow, and blue tones that will look great on straight hair as well as these wavy strands.

3. Pink Sorbet

This style nails alternative beach hair. Who doesn't adore pastel pink with rose gold undertones? If you have a bob and want to go candy head, try this look.

4. Candy Mermaid

Getting the correct hue without patchiness needs a great artist. This long pink mermaid hairstyle is popular. This pink cotton candy hairstyle is great for long, fine hair.

5. Fiery Rainbow

Cotton candy hairstyles burn. The lovely crimson roots fade into pastel candy colors meticulously painted on. We were taken away by the style.

6. Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Our favorite hair trends—cotton candy and opal—were expertly mixed by the artist. Dark roots easily flow to silver, pastel pink, and pastel blue, dazzling or elegant.

7. Hot Candy Pink

We thought cotton candy styles were pastels until we saw this gem. This style is almost too beautiful and candy-like.

8. Red Sorbet

This pastel red is stunning. All hair textures can wear the half-mermaid, half-candy hairstyle. Make sure your hair stylist can pull it off like this one did.

9. Candy Grunge

This confectionery aesthetic has a badass edge. In amazement. The artist seamlessly transitioned from dark roots to bright pink.

10. Dipped In Candy

One of the best fantasy hair colors, this look has no warm tones and the exquisite silver locks start to take on a gorgeous pastel blue from the mid-lengths.

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