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Part Bob

When it comes to styling shorter hairstyles such as a bob haircut, small changes can make a big impact.


Give the old ponytail a fresh, fun new update by pairing it with a gorgeous deep side part.

Tousled Long Hair

The ultimate style for any woman who is a fan of the waves and the sand, this surfer girl hairstyle is as relaxed and effortless as it is alluring.


Embody Parisian chic and modern elegance with a gorgeous deep side part pixie cut. 


Transport yourself to the not so distant future this season with a sci-fi inspired deep side part bun.

Sleek Deep

Adopt the persona of an island cruising, private jet flying, red carpet walking bombshell with an ultra-sleek deep side part.


Having returned with a bang from the 60s, choppy, long bangs are the hairstyle of the season. 

Asymmetric Lob

For an ultra-modern, sleek take on the deep side part, we’re loving the asymmetric lob. This involves cutting the hair on each side

Pink Bob

If you’re looking for a fun and edgy way to hit refresh on your bob haircut this season, a splash of pink and a deep side part is the way to go.

Rapunzel Braid

For a charming variation on the classic Rapunzel braid, simply create a deep side part before you begin weaving those long locks. 

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