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10 Signs Of A Man Who's Dating For Marriage

He protects you

Men have an innate need to protect their families. If he can't defend you to your face, he doesn't love you.

He wants to commit

I think a playboy who is crazy about a girl will want to settle down with her. He will try to get hold of you.

He follows through with his promises

A man who says he will do everything but doesn't do anything shows that he doesn't care about you. True lovers want to be trusted and respected by their partners.

He follows through with his promises

Even the strongest egomaniac must apologize for hurting a loved one. If he's remorseful, a proud guy will apologize and change for the lady he loves.

If he hurt you, he apologizes and changes

Hitters insult, ignore, and turn down people. If he loves you, he wouldn't do this.

He won't hurt you

A guy falls in love with a girl and puts her first. He will do whatever it takes to make you happy and want him.

He prioritizes you

The thought of "prioritizing" keeps coming up. Guys who are always late don't care about you or your time.

He shows up to dates on time

In love, guys don't like it when their girl is quiet. She can't wait any longer. If he doesn't answer for hours or days, it's likely that he doesn't like you.

He swiftly and thoughtfully responds to your texts

If a guy likes you, he'll want to show you off. When he nervous around you, he might do something stupid or shut down. Give him a break, he's trying.

He tries to impress you

If a man won't talk to you, he doesn't trust you. Love takes faith.

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