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10 Short Beard Styles to Get Smart Look

Brown Short Beard

Brown your beard first. Brown short beard promotes mustache and sideburns. Your beard should match your hair on both sides.

Short Beard with High Fade Haircut

To look nice, clip your beard edges. Before chopping it short, grow a full beard. Thus, grow mustaches and sideburns.

Reddish Short Beard

This style reddens your beard. Your beard should also join your hair on the right and left sides. Start trimming low hair on both sides.

Trimmed Beard with Fade Haircut

Trimmed beards with fade haircuts have three fade layers. Mid-head hair should be prioritized. Start two more fading layers. Last layer should connect beard.

Natural Beard with Buzz Cut

Short-bearded guys often have natural beards with buzz cuts. Start with a low haircut. Hair size should match beard size. Grow sideburns on both sides.

Short Beard with Funky Hairstyle

This beard style is tidy and short. Fade your head twice. The second fading layer should show your desired beard size. Your sideburns should be long and slanted.

Short Stubble Beard

This beard style requires a full beard. Your chin has your sideburn, mustache, and beard. Sideburns should be longer than beards.

Goatee Beard with Buzz Haircut

Goatee beard with buzz haircut combines short hair with beard. Trim your beard down first. Your fringe and mid-head hair should be longer than the rest.

Short Beard with Messy Hair

Long-fringed men look good with a short, unkempt beard. Mid-head and fringed hair should face your forehead. Start a second fade-out phase on both sides of your head.

Short Beard with Sleek Back Hairstyle

A short beard and neat back haircut take time. Grow hair and beard. Use natural ingredients to speed up beard and hair development.

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